How-To Guides for the PlanIt! Pro App 

Learn how to harness the incredible power of the PlanIt! Pro app with these free video tutorials.

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Made in collaboration with PlanIt!, they’re the ones you access within the app by tapping the “?” button on the lower left of any screen in the app.

And check back often; this is an ongoing project with new tutorials being added constantly!

Basic Tools

Working with the Date and Time

Setting the Camera and Scene Pins

Create, Edit and Save Markers

PlanIt! Menus


Custom Camera and Scene Heights

Coordinate and Distance Tools

Photography Tools


Focal Length Tool

Depth of Field

Planning Panoramas

Aerial Photography

ND Filter Calculator

Planning with the Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Basic

Sun and Moon - Finder (Check this out - it’s INCREDIBLE!)

Sun and Moon Finder - Advanced

Clouds - Distance (Sunrises/Sunsets)

Night Photography

Stars and Star Trails - the Basics

Star Trails - Example

How to Avoid Star Trailing

Basic Milky Way Planning

Advanced Milky Way Planning

Meteor Showers - the Basics

Meteor Showers - Best Moon Phase


Basic Time-Lapse Setup

Advanced Time-Lapse Setup

Special Cases

Lunar Eclipse Planning